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What is SELF

I am excited to be coordinating this project with Indigo Brave LLP.

SELF (Sustainable, Evolving, Learning for the Future) is a camp for teenage girls in Nottinghamshire. It explores sustainability on every level including sustainability of self and environment.

To find out more information contact Deb at Indigo Brave:

Alternatively give us a call on 07766 747 603

About SELF

S.E.L.F, sustainable, evolving, learning for the future, is a 3 day program with continued support taking teenage girls on a transformational journey of self-discovery.

Learning outcomes:

  • Deeper understanding of own emotions and what may have triggered them
  • Enhancement of valuable life skills such as communication, personal responsibility, teamwork and resourcefulness
  • Tools and techniques to manage challenging situations more effectively
  • Indigo brave group are rolling out their self program aimed at y8 and y9 girls across nottinghamshire and have so far received extremely positive results in inner city nottingham.

“Since the camp several of our young women have made marked changes. Some of their new skills are tolerance, patience, forgiveness, resilience, communication, understanding their strengths, strengthening and forging friendships, increased self-worth and self-esteem.” – djanogly school 2018

The evaluation process demonstrates that 58% of girls moved from a place of low well-being before the project to medium level well-being afterwards, whilst 42% of the girls moved from a place of medium level well-being to a place of high level well-being after the intervention.


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