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About Me

I am a qualified teacher, facilitator, trainer and well being practitioner. I have been a teacher for over 25 years alongside exploring and enjoying natural and holistic therapies and treatments for over 15 years.

The transformative work I offer provides the opportunity to combine two of my greatest passions to enable me to intuitively guide, educate and support people to shine in their full potential.

I am committed to my own self-development, self-healing and transformation and I continue to incorporate a range of remedies and therapies as I continue my own personal journey.

I initially trained as an EFT practitioner working alongside one of the first EFT UK Masters. I then went on to explore a range of holistic therapies and self-healing techniques. These include Divine Healing, Reiki, ‘A Course In Miracles’-Emotional Clearing and extensive Tantric Healing.

What I Do

I create and facilitate training days and workshops in schools to promote wellbeing. I have a team of trained facilitators who deliver childrens’ programmes to support emotional health and wellbeing.

I also provide one to one and group coaching sessions in the education and corporate sectors.

As an accredited EFT Advanced Practitioner and Trainer I facilitate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Training courses on a regular basis.

In addition to this I provide a variety of one to one sessions, primarily using EFT as a healing tool. However I may incorporate a combination of healing modalities depending on the wishes and needs of a client.

When working with clients I prepare a safe, comfortable and cleansed environment for optimum healing. I use angelic guidance and intuition to identify and support the healing process, guiding my client on a gentle journey.


Qualifications and Pricing

EFT – Advanced Practitioner Level 3 and Trainer of EFT.

Angelic Reiki – First and Second Degree Attunement

Reiki – Level 1 and Level 2

Divine Healing – Level 1

Essential Oils – DoTERRA Wellness Advocate

School training days and workshops £600 per day.

Emotional Health Programmes for young people £300 for 6 sessions (one facilitator) or £600 for 6 sessions (two facilitators)

EFT session £80 for first consultation of 1 ½ hours then £60 for each session after that.

EFT supervision groups £25 per person for one hour.

Angelic Reiki/Reiki – £45 per hour

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